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Congratulations on your acceptance!

Welcome to North Greenville University. All of your hard work and accomplishments have paid off, and we know you will make an excellent addition to the NGU community.

Whether you’ve already decided to join us or you’re still finalizing your decision, you’ll find resources on this page for admitted students. Explore your next steps in the enrollment process, register for a New Student Connect event, and prepare for New Student Orientation.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions if you have questions that aren’t answered here! We’re ready to assist you!

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I’ve Been Accepted! What’s Next?

You’re one step closer to achieving your dreams. But wait, there’s more! We’re here to guide you through the final steps of the enrollment process & make sure you have everything you need to embark on this exciting journey.

I’ve Paid My Deposit! What’s Next?

You’re one step closer to joining the NGU community if you have already paid your tuition deposit.
Our goal is to help you finish the remaining steps of the enrollment process so you can enjoy your summer!

You’re Accepted! What’s Next?

We want to help you navigate the remaining steps of the enrollment process now that you have been accepted!

Come Explore NGU

Even if you’ve been to campus once or multiple times, you may find an additional visit helpful. Pick the date that works for you and tell us who you’d like to meet while you’re here.

Financial Aid Next Steps

Complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)form.

Be sure to enter NGU’s school code: 003441.

NGU will send you a financial aid offer once the FAFSA has been submitted and you have officially been admitted.

I’m Ready To Join The NGU Community

Let’s make it official by submitting your $200 tuition deposit to secure your spot in the incoming class.

Important Dates

  • June 3 – New Student Connect – Option #1

  • June 24 – New Student Connect – Option #2

  • June 30 – South Carolina Residents – Deadline to File the FAFSA

  • July 22 – New Student Connect Option #3

  • August 12 – New Students Move In

  • August 12 – 15 – New Student Orientation

  • August 16 – First Day of Classes

  • October 10 – 13 – Fall Break

  • November 22 – 24 – Thanksgiving

  • December 6 – End of Fall Semester

You’ve Paid Your Deposit! Next Steps

You’re one step closer to joining the NGU community if you have already paid your tuition deposit.
Our goal is to help you finish the remaining steps of the enrollment process so you can enjoy your summer!

Come Explore NGU

Even if you’ve been to campus once or multiple times, you may find an additional visit helpful. Pick the date that works for you and tell us who you’d like to meet while you’re here.

Connect With Other Incoming Students This Summer

Through New Student Connect, you will get to know your future classmates, meet professors and other staff members. You’ll also have the opportunity to complete any outstanding “to-do’s” as you prepare for the fall semester.

Important Next Steps


Last name (capitalize first letter) + Last 4 digits of Student ID #


For accounts created on or after 12/29/2021

  • First 2 letters of last name (capitalize first letter) +
    First 2 letters of first name (capitalize first letter) +
    Your birthdate in mm/dd/yyyy format, with backslashes

For example: John Smith, born on February 2, 2002, has the following password: SmJo02/02/2002

For accounts created before 12/28/2021

  • First 3 letters of last name (capitalize first letter) + Last 5 digits of SSN

For example: John Smith with an SSN of 123-45-6789 has the following password: Smi56789

Alternatively, you can call the NGU IT Services Help Desk and reset your password over the phone by calling 864.977.7272.

New Student Registration will begin mid-May. Admissions will send specific communication and directions regarding your next steps as registration approaches.

  1. Have all official transcripts of completed college level courses, dual enrollment credits or AP exam scores sent to NGU immediately.
  2. Watch your NGU email as you will be notified when it’s time to complete your Course Registration Form and take your Math Placement Test.
  3. When the above tasks are complete, your file will be sent to an academic advisor who will create your schedule.
  4. Review the schedule in your my.NGU portal when received by going to the Students tab and locating the heading My Course Schedule.
  1. Submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid. (Note: for SC Residents, the FAFSA must be submitted by June 30th to qualify for the SC Tuition Grant)
  2. Review your Financial Aid Award letter when received or check your MyFinAid portal.
  3. Sign your award letter by accepting/declining the financial aid offered by logging into your MyFinAid portal. If you are an international student, you must contact the Financial Aid Office for special login instructions.
  4. If you are borrowing any of the Direct Student Loans offered on your Award Letter, please be sure to complete the online loan steps that were included with your award letter notification prior to check-in. Login to the federal student loans website using your FSA ID:
    1. Complete Online Entrance Counseling for Undergraduate Students
    2. Complete Master Promissory Note for Undergraduate Students (please note that if parents are using the PLUS Loan, they will also need to complete Entrance Counseling and a Master Promissory Note as well)
  5. Submit all requested financial aid documentation. Check your email account for any important requests from the Office of Financial Aid. Submit all requested paperwork at least three weeks prior to the FASTpass deadline.
    1. Verification documents: If you are selected for verification, you will need to submit a verification worksheet and tax documents for the student and parent if you are a dependent student.  Occasionally, there are additional forms or documents requested and you will be notified of this.
    2. Note for all South Carolina (SC) residents: To receive state aid such as the SC Tuition Grant, Life, Hope or Palmetto Fellows scholarships, you must prove state residency by completing the SC Residency Evaluation Form and signing the SC Affidavit.  Both forms are located in your student portal and can be found by following this path: Login to my.NGU using your credentials>Select the Students tab>Choose Forms and Information from the left navigation bar>locate the heading Interactive Documents>see Financial Aid forms.
  1. We offer four-month and five-month payment plans, beginning as early as July 1st  for the fall semester and as early as November 1st for the spring semester. To set up a payment plan login to your My.NGU portal: Select Students>Student Accounts>Payments and Payment Plans>Make a Payment. You may also pay in full if you wish to do so.
  2. To qualify for a FASTpass, please have your payment arrangements finalized or your balance paid in full prior to August 1st for the fall semester.
  1. FERPA stands for the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.
  2. FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children’s education records. These rights transfer to the student when he or she reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level.
  3. For NGU officials to talk with your parent or guardian, you (the student) must set up FERPA permissions in the NGU student portal by going to Students>Forms and Information>Set FERPA Permissions>Define New Permissions.

Registering for housing is simple and it will only take you a few moments to complete. The Residential Services Housing Questionnaire & Agreement is accessed through your Enrollment Portal.

  1. Log in to the Enrollment Portal
  2. Click on the Residential Services Housing Questionnaire & Agreement
  3. Complete the online form.

Should you have questions or need assistance, contact

Students will access the Online Photo Submission portal through an email invite from NGU Card Services. Each student will receive a unique invite which will enable a secure photo upload.

  1. Click the Submit your Photo link in the email.
  2. You will be directed to a web page to upload your photo. Tap the screen where it says “Tap to upload photo”.
  3. Submitted photos must meet the following requirements:
    1. Should be cropped slightly above head to middle of chest
    2. Should be taken against a plain, light background
    3. Must be a color photo
    4. Must not include sunglasses or hat
    5. Must be positioned directly facing the camera
    6. Eyes should be open and looking at the camera
  4. Photos that do not meet these requirements must be retaken. NGU Card Services will email you with approval or next steps if your photo cannot be used.
  5. You will receive your NGU student ID card when you arrive on campus for New Student Orientation. Once your photo is submitted and approved, you cannot submit another photo.  If you would like a new or different photo on your ID card, please visit NGU Card Services in Tingle Student Center to have a new photo taken and pay the replacement fee.
  6. For more information, please reference the NGU ID Card Policy.

Complete your Immunization History in MyNGU. Navigate to the “Students Tab”, then click “Forms and Information” from the left menu. Your Immunization History form will be listed under “Important Forms”.

Students who will have a vehicle on campus are required to purchase a parking permit. Permits are valid from August 1, 2022 through July 31, 2023 and may be purchased by visiting the Permit Portal that will open July 1, 2022. Be prepared to provide the following current and accurate information:

  1. Vehicle make, model, year and color
  2. Vehicle License Plate Number and State
  3. Registered Owner, Owner’s Phone Number and Relationship to Driver
  4. Driver’s License Number and State
  5. Insurance Information
  6. Credit/Debit Card Information to purchase online

NGU’s Student Handbook outlines the standards of conduct designed to promote a community that is focused on developing transformational leaders for church and society.  You will also find helpful resources regarding policies, expectations and student accountability.

In partnership with Slingshot, NGU offers all students a course material service that automatically fulfills and delivers all of your required textbooks and course materials directly to you before classes start.  To learn more about the Slingshot program, visit our website.

New Student Orientation begins Saturday, August 12! All new resident and commuting students attend New Student Orientation. More details to come soon.